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With this cutting-edge approach, we're revolutionizing the game, creating game-changing opportunities through unconventional methods.


By using fermentation processes we can replace high-energy requiring chemical methods while also making use of biowaste

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Our mission is to ensure the optimization of these amazing technologies, making them fully ready for large-scale implementation


Revolutionizing Sweetener Production Through Precision Fermentation

Our journey begins in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a dedicated team from Chalmers University of Technology's Industrial Biotechnology department. Recognizing the untapped potential of precision fermentation, we knew we were just scratching the surface of its capabilities. This to leverage strain development and precision fermentation for the production of fine chemicals and food ingredients. Our journey continues, shaping a more sustainable future through cutting-edge science.

While many researchers focus on traditional cell factories like S. cerevisiae and E. coli, we aim to extend the boundaries by utilizing non-conventional microbes. By developing genetic tools, we are broadening the scope of what fermentation technology can accomplish, starting with a natural sweetener.


Meet Our Team

Kameshwara Peri


PhD student in industrial Biotech

Senior Technician Biochem DSM

M.Sc Food technology

B.Sc Biotechnology

Cecilia Geijer

Associate Professor

Doctoral degree in Microbiology

>15 approved research grants

Yeast4Bio WG-Leader

Hanna Alalam


Doctoral degree in Molecular biology

M.Sc Molecular biology

B.Sc Medical technology

Teodor Fransson

Business developer

M.Sc Biotechnology

M.Sc Entreprenurship and business design

B.Sc Chemical engineering


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